A Modest Proposal October2, 2013

It seems to me that almost everyone is at a loss as to how to make peace and stop terror in Israel. If we take history as an example, I do not think that there is one example of peace being achieved between enemies until a war was fought and decisively won. The State of Israel has been in a state of war at least from 1948. Although we have succeeded in winning many battles, we have refrained from decisively winning the war.

Our leaders have seem to have ruled out the option to win and have, instead, opted to negotiate our defeat in order to hopefully minimize it. It is a stupid and suicidal option, but they see no alternative. But there truly are alternatives.

First and foremost let us, once and for all, recognize that the State of Israel was not meant to be a carbon copy of the USA. It was always meant to be the exclusive homeland of all of the Jewish People. While certainly we can permit non-Jews who recognize our exclusive sovereignty to live here with us, as non- citizens, it is patently absurd to insist that a foreign entity which not only refuses to recognize our sovereignty, but seeks to take it from us, has a right to live among us, much less be granted citizenship and the right to run for office.

Any Arab who calls himself a Palestinian is declaring that he believes Israel belongs to Arabs and not to Jews. Such people should not be permitted to live here. They are waging war against us both in the street and in our Knesset! Jewish lives are being lost in this war and our leadership chooses to call the effort to destroy us as a nation, “isolated acts of terror”. Every terrorist considers himself to be a soldier in the war against the Jewish State. You may remember that back in 1948 the British called Jewish soldiers in Israel “terrorists”. Terror is a tool used in war in order to win. And this is precisely what the Arabs are doing to us. It is not a senseless act of hatred. It is a calculated act of war designed to defeat us.

Until and unless we recognize this reality we will not win the war. We will not lose, but we will suffer so much needless tragedy until we wake up.

Arabs who are prepared to die for their beliefs are not afraid of jail sentences or even death sentences. They are fighting for a purpose for which they are prepared to die. Thus by treating each individual act as a personal crime we really will never deter future acts of terror. If we know, and we do know, that the purpose of terror is to get us to get up and leave our homeland, then the only meaningful response is to show them that their behavior will have the exact opposite effect.

Any time an Arab commits an act of terror, successful or not, the response should be to evacuate his entire village and deport them to Gaza. In addition the village should be transferred to Jewish ownership and populated by Jews. Little by little let us take back our country. Eventually there should no longer be Arab villages with signs at the entrance telling us that it is dangerous for Jews to be there.

In addition we must remove citizenship from all non-Jews. Those non-Jews who wish to live together with us in peace and recognize exclusively Jewish sovereignty may remain as non-citizens (resident aliens).  Certainly most Arab villages will object from being thrown out of their homes. Let us not forget that there have been many Jews who also objected to being thrown out of their homes. That didn’t prevent the Jewish government from doing so anyway. So there is no question that this can be accomplished.

Israel unilaterally threw all Jews living in Gaza out of their homes. They even reburied our dead outside of Gaza for fear of what the Arabs would do to the graves. One day we will return to Gaza. But until then we can make use of it as a temporary place to deport the enemies who live among us. This will be much easier than trying to send them to Jordan or Egypt.

Once it becomes clear to the Arabs that we are dead serious about this plan, I am sure that we can induce many of them to leave voluntarily by offering to provide compensation for their homes and assistance, both physical and financial, to find homes elsewhere. Those who reject the offer will be deported to Gaza without any compensation for their homes.

Yes, of course the nations will condemn us. So what else is new? If we remain steadfast in our plan and finish it quickly, the condemnations will peter out within weeks. The end result will be an Israel free from terror where Jews can walk freely in all parts of our country without fear of being murdered simply because we are Jews.


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