Adar, the Month of Joy and Redemption February 25, 2009

How fitting that we find ourselves waiting for a new government at the beginning of the month of Adar.   This fact is probably the most hopeful element in that close to futile effort. The month of Adar is the month in which the holiday of Purim occurs and thus it invokes the hope of G-dly intervention in favor of the Jewish People. No matter how bad things may appear, this is a time of joy and hope.

While Netanyahu is no leader and seeks to continue negotiating with our enemies to the detriment of the Jewish State, he has a problem. Were he able to engage the support of Kadima and Labor he would be enabled to wreak further havoc with our country.   No matter who thinks he is “right wing” he is no wing. If, as it seems, he will have no choice but to form a narrow coalition, he will not have so much flexibility to self destruct our country.   If even a small part of his coalition disagrees, his government would fall. So, even before we get the disease, our G-d has created an antidote.

The lesson we get from the holiday of Purim is that things are not always as they may seem. While it certainly appeared that the Jewish People were doomed to destruction, the end result found us wiping out our enemies and gaining power and prestige in the world. This should give us hope today and remind us not to fall prey to the fear of those who seem to wield much power and wish to use it to destroy us.   It won’t happen. That which they seek to do to us will happen to them.   The gallows that Haman built upon which to hang Mordechai were instead used to hang him and his ten sons. Keep your eyes on Iran. It won’t be there much longer.

The joy of Adar should give us the strength, not only to stand up to our foes, but to take pride in our Jewish identity. We are all part of a nation selected by the Creator of the Universe to prove His existence. Those who seek our destruction are really trying to prove that our Creator doesn’t exist. Clearly such an effort is doomed to fail. But all of us are being tested at this time.   Those who work with our enemies, or even those who choose to “look the other way”, will not escape the wrath of Heaven. And those who stand with the G-dly process in spite of apparently overwhelming odds will receive reward for their efforts.

Jews who choose to live in Exile and watch what is happening around them as casual observers will discover the ancient plague of Jew-hatred when they least expect it. Already we can clearly see this all over the world, even in the USA, as Islamic institutions mushroom and spew forth the bitter venom of hatred for the Jews. The reborn Jewish State is an indication that Biblical prophesies are beginning to be fulfilled. One needn’t be a prophet nor a scholar to see this. It is time for Jews to pick up and come home. While the hour is late there is still time to do this with dignity and in sanctification of G-d.   But this grace period can end at any time and see us thrown out of our adopted Exile in disgrace.

I urge my brothers in Exile to stop and think about the future. The only future for the Jewish People is in the Land of Israel. This is G-d’s Will and we will all eventually come home. The only question is when and under what circumstances.   It is better that we decide, on our own to come home rather than wait for tragedy to force us to do so. Now during the month of Adar is a wonderful time to begin to think about our future

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