An Open Letter to My Jewish Brothers in Exile September 18, 2007

Dear American Jew,

As you prepare for Yom Kippur, and beat your breast asking our Creator for forgiveness, as we have done for thousands of years, consider a very special sin which can easily be rectified. We implore G-d to remember how our Father, Abraham, prepared to take the life of his only son, Isaac, in response to G-d’s Command to sacrifice him.   This had to have been the most difficult commandment Abraham was ever called upon to perform. Yet he rose early in the morning and hastened to fulfill that commandment with love for and faith in His Creator.

Faith in G-d requires us to put aside logic, reason and personal wants and needs in subjugation to the Will of our Creator. The reason that G-d Created the Jewish People was to demonstrate to the entire world that He is very real. By attaching His Name to ours, He has chosen us to prove His existence to the entire world.   We have always been a tiny minority. Every great power in history has sought to destroy us. Yet all of those powers have fallen, and we remain.

The very fact that we still exist as a people after two thousand years of oppression, abuse, exile and attempted annihilation, should be proof enough that G-d does watch over us. Yes, our very existence today is clearly a great miracle. But we have yet to fulfill our given role on this Earth. It is the Will of G-d that we become the Model Nation for all the world to emulate. In order for this to happen we need to come home to the Land which He has appointed for us and live our lives there according to His Commandments.

This process too has already begun to take place in spite of overwhelming obstacles, from our enemies, our “friends” and even our own leaders. The daily existence of the Jewish State is clearly a tremendous miracle. If we realize just how great these miracles are we cannot help but recognize that G-d is personally intervening to guarantee the fulfillment of His Will. Redemption will come with or without our effort to participate in it.

Our sages have told us that the Redemption will come in one of two possible ways. Should we merit it with our good deeds, G-d will hasten it and bring us a glorious Redemption with wonders and miracles all the world will behold.   If we fail to merit it, it will come in spite of us, in its own time.   If it comes in this way it will be accompanied by much tragedy and with miracles that most will fail to recognize. It seems that this kind of redemption is already beginning.

My brothers, it is true that the nations are gathering against the tiny Jewish State. Iran is preparing a nuclear holocaust and no one is lifting a finger to stop her. If you think that Israel is in danger, you are right. But if you think that you are safer in the USA, you are very wrong. Even if redemption comes in a painful way with much needless tragedy, Jews in Israel will survive. But those in Exile will not. The greatest, most powerful nations in the world are about to be destroyed by G-d when they seek to destroy Israel.

How can we Jews prevent the needless tragedy that looms before us?   It can only be accomplished by demonstrating our pure faith in our G-d.   Like our Father, Abraham, we must put aside our very real fears and completely subjugate our actions to please our Creator. He is angry with us today because we have failed to recognize His Miracles. We deliberately continue to live in Exile in preference to coming home. By so doing we are rejecting both Him and His Miracles! How can we ask His forgiveness when we refuse to sanctify His Holy Name and make plans to come home?

Were Jews all over the world to make immediate plans to come home to Israel for the purpose of demonstrating our faith in G-d, He will hasten the Redemption and spare us all the needless pain we have already begun to suffer.

The bottom line is that G-d is very real. It is up to us to show this to the world by our actions and become the catalyst which will elevate all the world to holiness. I pray that each and every one of you takes this message to heart. May you and your loved ones be blessed with a New Year of fulfillment of ancient prophesies and a speedy return home.

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