An Open Letter to the Secretary of State April 3, 2008

Dear Madam Secretary,

As a dual citizen of both Israel and the United States I assure you that I have genuine admiration and respect for both countries. I was born and educated in the United States and was always proud to be an American. It wasn’t until after I was married and the father of two children that I became an observant Jew. Part and parcel of my return to my Jewish roots was the need to return to the Land of our Fathers, Israel. I am proud to say that I have been living here now for nearly thirty years, raised my five children here, and am watching five grandchildren grow up here as well.

Ms. Rice, if you are one who truly believes the Bible as the Word of G-d, you should know that this Land was set aside by G-d as the homeland of the Jewish People.   Look carefully in your Bible and try to find a connection with any nation other than the Jewish one.   You won’t find it.

The Jewish People was chosen, by G-d, to return to our ancient homeland and become an example for all of the nations of the world by dedicating our lives to serving our Creator.   It is only through the Jewish People that blessing will come to our world.   We did not come here to dispossess anyone. We came home to fulfill our destiny as Jews and to obey the Commandments of our G-d. Such things can never be subject to compromise.

Madam Secretary, you know very well, as does President Bush, that there has never been a Palestinian nation. Ever since the rebirth of Jewish sovereignty in part of our ancient homeland began, and even before it began, the Arab nations sought to destroy the Jewish people. In 1948 we agreed to the miserable partition plan which left us with indefensible borders simply because we wanted to live in peace.   The Arabs took our willingness to compromise as an expression of weakness and launched a war to destroy the Jewish nation. It was only via miracles that we survived that war. Had we lost there would be no Jewish state today.

The concept of an Arab Palestine was born with the PLO in 1964. It was a brilliant public relations ploy to change the image of an overwhelming Arab united front fighting a tiny Jewish State to appear as if a gigantic Jewish State was oppressing a tiny Arab minority. This ploy was the most successful lie to be perpetuated upon the world in its entire history. Today my own Prime Minister and most (if not all) of the Knesset has bought that lie.   But the People of Israel has not. Contrary to popular belief, this country is not a genuine democracy. The people do have the right to vote for the dictator of their choice, but, after election day, they have absolutely no say in what our government does. I am telling you this because I want you to know that even though Mr. Olmert may have agreed to the ridiculous Road Map leading to disaster, the people of Israel have not.

Like it or not this country is still fighting the war for our independence. Having discovered the hard way that we cannot be defeated by conventional methods of warfare, the Arabs have begun to defeat us by changing the name of war. . . to peace. Yes there are negotiations going on.   But they are not for the purpose of peace.   The Arabs have learned that simply by implying a willingness to live in peace with Israel they can obtain otherwise impossible military victories and, eventually weaken the Jewish State enough to destroy her.

The clearest example of this fact is the unilateral abandonment of the Gaza Strip as a confidence building measure designed to encourage peace. After uprooting our citizens and destroying their homes and digging up our cemeteries to re bury our dead where their graves would not be desecrated and handing over the entire Gaza Strip to our enemies, the “thank you” we got was an incessant barrage of missiles from a new and well supplied terrorist stronghold on a new and closer border to our country.

Rather than recognize the failure of this stupid attempt to make peace and retake the Gaza Strip, our leaders have decided to live with terror and make plans for further acts of surrender to our enemies. I can assure you that the people of Israel do not agree with this stance. No normal person would.

Please forgive me, madam secretary, but I must take issue with your demands that Israel take down vital road blocks in order to give our enemies freedom of movement. In the past that freedom of movement resulted in cold blooded murder of Jews.   No normal nation would place the comfort of its enemies, or even its friends, above protecting the lives of her citizens. Your threats to make sure we do this places your impartial status in grave doubt.

I fully understand and respect the fact that the United States must follow a policy which serves its best interests, even should that place the interests of others in jeopardy. But you also must understand that Israel has no choice but to formulate policies which serve her best interests, even should that conflict with the interests of others.

While the State Department may feel that America’s interests can be best served by placating Arab terrorists at the expense of the Jewish State, I would think that the President and you should realize the grave mistake you are making. Another terrorist state, especially one planted upon Jewish soil, will harm the interests of America and the entire world. Machmud Abbas is a terrorist murderer. To call him a peace partner is an act of self deception.   There is no Palestinian people, only refugees from real Arab countries who are being used as pawns to gain sympathy for the effort to destroy Israel. The ruse is working too well.

Please tell your boss in the White House that he is placing the welfare of his great country in grave danger by opposing the will of the same G-d he claims to worship.   America was founded upon Biblical principles.   For its leadership to take steps to deny those principles is to sever its partnership with our Creator.

Your founding fathers recognized and respected that partnership.   It will be a genuine tragedy for their descendants to reject it, for that will be the downfall of the United States of America.


With Blessings from Hebron,


Gary M. Cooperberg

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