Blot out the Memory of Amalek from under the Heaven, Never Forget

Ever since 1948 the Arab nations have sought to destroy the Jewish State. It was only after many unsuccessful attempts to annihilate us, which saw the Arabs lose and Israel regain more of her ancient homeland, that it became clear to the Arabs that war with Israel doesn’t work.   They then embarked on a “peace” process which enabled them to weaken the Jewish State much better than they could with a war.

I know, we have peace with Egypt and Jordan.   But is it really peace? Certainly not, it is merely a lull in fighting. They are afraid of us, but have discovered that using the word “peace” works to slowly weaken us. . . which is the plan.

We have always been hated by the world. Our rabbis tell us that when we were liberated from Egypt the nations saw all of the wonders and miracles G-d performed for us and were so terrified they would not dare think to try to harm us.   It was if there were a moat of boiling water surrounding us and no one would dare even to put his toe into that boiling water.

But Amalek, who hated us more than any other, chose to plunge completely into the boiling water to his death, just in order to cool the water for Israel’s enemies.

Today we can see a repeat of this behavior in Hamas.   The Arab nations are still afraid of us. Then here comes this tiny band of terrorists and attacks our country!   They have no hope of winning. But they are trying to show the other Arab nations that we are not invincible.   To do this they have no problem committing suicide or sacrificing their own children.   If this isn’t Amalek I don’t know what is.   We have an eternal commandment to blot out the memory of Amalek.   King Saul was commanded to do so but he kept Agog, the King, alive along with some sheep.   For this he lost his throne.

Today we are faced with the same difficulty Saul faced.   We are told to pity the innocents. There are no innocents. The only way to deal with Amalek is to completely destroy him, including the women and children, goats sheep and donkeys.

We have lost sight of morality and have endangered our own people for pity of our enemy’s children.   We fear what the nations may say more than we fear  G-d.   This is why we suffer. Even with our futile attempts to protect our enemy’s civilians, we are condemned by the world. And anti-Semitism is growing worldwide. Yet our destiny will never let us perish. When our leaders go astray, events take place which put them back on the right path. Our leaders thought they could make peace by giving away Gaza.   That mistake has come back to haunt us. At the beginning of the war all we wanted was for them to stop shooting rockets at us. That was our only goal.   Winning just was not what we looked for.   Then we discovered the tunnels and plans for a tremendous Rosh HaShanna massacre.

With such mortal threats facing us we had no choice but to fight to survive.   Even left wingers realized that this simply could not be avoided.   Yet most of our leaders, including Naftali Bennett, declared that retaking Gaza was not on the agenda.   Yesterday, Prime Minister Netanyahu was asked at a press conference to respond to a suggestion by Minister Uri Ariel that we retake Gaza.   He replied by saying that all options are on the table.   I could not believe my ears. Clearly our enemies have forced our leaders to begin to think differently. I pray that this transition continues.   We are facing Amalek and we have a commandment to obliterate him. He has given us every reason to do so. Now is the time.

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