Can Project Shofar make a Difference? October 2, 2013

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Project Shofar has been my attempt to share with others my discovery of the reality of Biblical Redemption. It began with my desire to reach out to my fellow Jews with the message, “It is time to come home.” As I went out to speak it soon became clear to me that most Jews do not want to hear that message. In addition, much to my surprise, I discovered an entire sector of Zionist oriented Christians who welcome that message and seek to encourage it.

After over twenty-five years of pursuing this effort I am now retired. Although I am living on a pension, the monies raised by Project Shofar are still enough for another speaking tour or two. I have struggled with the decision as to whether or not I should continue with this effort. I am a one man show, and although I do have a fine group of volunteers to help me, I do not have a well organized plan as to how to find venues. I certainly do not have an organized plan as to how to convince others of my purpose. I just go and speak and trust that G-d will put the right words in my mouth and send me to the right places.

Thus far things have strangely worked out pretty well. Every time I went to speak I was never at a loss for words, and my audiences always gave me positive feedback.

It is more than frustrating not to have plans. It is also difficult not to have any way to measure whether or not I have accomplished anything. Yet I have come to know that this effort is not a natural one. I seek to serve my Creator, and, in return, He has always provided me with the tools.

Our world is changing at a maddening pace. With the technology explosion giving us new tools that were not even imaginable yesterday, we tend to lose site of the fact that we do have a Creator who has given us life, and to whom we owe gratitude. We have come to believe that we can design our own morality which often differs from that of our

Creator. We are, once again, trying to build a tower to heaven to wage war with our Creator. This new tower, just like the original, is destined to come crashing down upon us.

Perhaps the falling of the Twin Towers on 9/11 was meant to be a symbolic warning of what awaits us should we continue on the path we seem to have chosen.

The Holocaust was an example of what Mankind is capable of doing to his fellow man. The Jewish People were placed upon this Earth to remind Mankind that we have a Creator. When we, the Jewish People, sought to hide from our destiny, the Creator turned his back upon us for just a second. In that second one of the world’s Super Powers attempted to destroy the entire Jewish People. It should be easy to see that, should G-d turn his back on this world, we would destroy ourselves in short order.

Hitler’s war against the Jews was really a war against our Creator. Were he to successfully destroy all the Jews He would prove that there is no G-d.

What a powerful lesson to all of Mankind it was to watch the remnants of Hitler’s destruction, at its weakest moment in her ancient history, defy logic and the entire world by reestablishing her ancient homeland in the Land of Israel!

Indeed, the very establishment of Jewish independence in her ancient homeland, was, in and of itself, a most amazing miracle, proving to the entire world that Mankind cannot thwart G-d’s Plan.

Although, at the time everyone seemed to recognize the miracle, with the passage of time we have forgotten. G-d has always been with us, but we seem to have forgotten Him.

The Jewish State is one of the tiniest in the world. It is a speck on the map of the Middle East. It is a wonder that anyone even notices this tiny country. Yet the entire world has focused its attention upon her. Mankind can be eating itself alive, but everyone seems to think that if only Israel would make peace with her Arab neighbors by surrendering her tiny homeland to them that all of the evils of the world would magically disappear. It is a totally irrational expectation, yet it remains a high priority to the greatest nations in the world!

How strange that people place their hopes on absurdities when Biblical reality is so clear. It would be far more normal and rational for the nations to stand with Israel rather than seek to weaken her. But to recognize Biblical reality is to accept the reality of One Creator and the morality that He has bestowed upon Mankind. This would mean rejecting our “new” morality and bending our will to His. And that is the real problem facing our world today.

The Jewish People and the State of Israel are the only implements which can save this world from self-destruction. For the Jew it is time to come home and sanctify his G-d before the nations of the world. And for the Gentile it is time to connect to our Creator by standing with Biblical Destiny.

Redemption is coming no matter what we choose to do. Should we choose to accept our responsibility we can actually hasten Redemption and bring glorious miracles. Should we try to deny our Creator the Redemption will come anyway, but accompanied by needless tragedy and miracles which most will fail to notice (such as we already can see).

Not for one minute do I think that I can have a major influence upon the way people think. But I have a message which needs to be expressed. Of course I do so in my writing, but to speak out to audiences can have a more personal effect. I don’t particularly want to do this, but I feel a personal obligation to try. As I said before, I am retired. Project Shofar never was and still is not a means of income for me. The little money I do raise is simply to pay the expenses of my visits. I am prepared to go anywhere I am called upon in the world.

In the past I committed myself to at least an annual visit. Now I have decided not to come unless I am invited. I am quite content to stay at home and enjoy my children and grandchildren and have meaningful time to share with my dear wife.

I consider myself a vessel of G-d and will go whenever and wherever He calls upon me to go. I trust in destiny. My own life has seen much reward for that trust. Perhaps it is time for me to leave this task to another. I do not know.

I do know that Redemption is progressing swiftly and I fear that world leaders, including my own leaders in Israel, are making grave mistakes which invite needless tragedy.

Iran is not the problem. Nor is the Islamic quest to conquer the world. The problem is that we fail to recognize our Creator. Rather than turn to Him we continue to believe that we can save this world by ourselves. That is the problem and that is the cause of tragedy that we see daily.


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