Eighteen Years later, the Darkness is Palpable November 19, 2008

It is mind boggling to think that eighteen years have passed since the assassination of Rabbi Meir Kahane. Clearly he was a lone voice of Truth in a sea of darkness.   It is bone chilling to remember his warning, “You have a choice. . . either me or Arafat.” Is there a political faction today which is not prepared to negotiate with the PLO?

His slogan, “They Must Go” was not a racial slur.   It was a statement of fact. . . a fact that no Israeli politician has the courage to face even today.

While Olmert continues to make “goodwill overtures” by turning loose hundreds of Arab murderers, even as Gilad Shalit languishes in captivity, (not to mention Jonathan Pollard), one cannot help but wonder how insane our leaders have become. Rabbi Kahane openly stated the problem and offered the solution.   Our leaders have not yet even recognized the problem!   The Arabs do not have to be removed because they are racially inferior.   They have to be removed because they are dedicated to destroying the Jewish State and the Jewish People.   There is a fellow in Iran who openly stated his desire to wipe Israel off the map. Why do our leaders have so much trouble listening to what our enemies are saying?

Sir Shimon Peres, our hapless president, recently stated that making peace is like getting married, you must close your eyes and hope for the best. I wonder if his wife Sonia was listening. Truly Mr. Peres is quite adept at closing his eyes. Unfortunately, like his predecessor the ostrich, he will discover that burying your head in the sand will not make the predator disappear. . . it will only make you feel safe for a very short time.

It may well be that Rabbi Kahane was the cause of this refusal to open our eyes. The Israeli leadership hated him so much that they made it a national crime to as much as discuss the possibility of removing our enemies from our midst.   This hatred was so intense that it even overrode their survival instinct! Today we have lunatics who suggest that, since a black man was elected President of the USA, perhaps it is time for an Arab to become Prime Minister of Israel!   That really isn’t necessary since our Jewish prime ministers cannot be out done in their efforts at self destruction.

Given the kind of leadership we suffer, it seems an act of futility and irrationality to suggest to Jews living in the USA that they should come home. Rabbi Kahane spent much of his life in this “futile” effort and, in spite of the futility, thousands, if not tens of thousands of Jews are now living in Israel because of that effort. I count myself and my growing family as part of that homecoming.

The years fly by and things seem worse than ever. Yet the Jewish State continues to thrive when, by any sense of logic, it should have perished even before it was reborn. Rabbi Kahane lived and died with his beliefs. He held high the torch of Truth and himself was scorched by its flame. The Jewish State is not a political entity. It is a Biblical one. It was reborn and continues to grow due to G-dly intervention. Our world is in a process of Redemption whose result will see all of Mankind recognizing our Creator. Jewish destiny cannot be thwarted, not by Olmert, not by Peres and not by Obama. No power on Earth can change Divine Destiny. The Jewish Idea will never be extinguished as the torch passes on from generation to generation. Ours is a direct link to the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. That same Law is valid today and is destined to be the source of life for all nations of the world. It will be via the Jewish People and the Jewish State that this destiny will be fulfilled.

For the Gentile it is time to stand with Israel for Biblical reasons.   And for the Jew it is time to come home.

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