First Win the War, Then we can Appologize January 3, 2009


It is no surprise that Israel is being condemned for defending itself.   If a question is to be asked it would be, “Why did Israel wait eight years to stop the rockets being fired upon her population”? There are those who think that the decision to go to war may have been made to promote the political image of Kadima and Labor prior to elections. Clearly our government never wanted to go to war.

The Jewish State has never initiated a war. It has always gone to war when it had no other option and was forced to do so by her enemies. World powers never intervened until and unless it perceived that Israel was gaining the upper hand.   Only at that moment did they “discover” that war is bad and must be stopped. Once again we have such an expression of moral indignation. This time it is the United Nations Secretary General. All the while Israeli cities were being bombarded by Hamas, one was hard put to hear statements from this fellow. But now, as Israel is poised to destroy its enemies, he is concerned about the loss of innocent lives. The timing of his “concern” is telling.

True morality was given to Israel by the Living G-d of Creation. The very reason for our existence is to pass on that morality to the world.   No nation or combination thereof is in a position to teach us morality. It was immoral for us to abandon Gaza in the first place. And it is and has always been an abomination to accept as much as a bullet fired upon us by our enemies.   If we had a true Jewish leadership, the goal of the present war should be to completely repossess Gaza and remove our enemies completely from Jewish soil.   The concept of humanitarian aid to an enemy in time of war is ludicrous. When the enemy surrenders unconditionally that is the time for humanitarian aid. . . not before. Otherwise we are aiding and abetting our enemies and prolonging the war!!

No matter how eloquent our representatives may be, (and most of them are not very), truth and justice simply do not concern the majority of world opinion.   Trying to justify our most basic right of self preservation is a waste of energy.   Rather than trying to prove anything to those who would happily see us disappear, we would do better to simply defend our nation as swiftly and harshly as possible, and deal with the condemnations after having destroyed our enemies.

We can and will win the war.   This is really only an extension of the same war of annihilation initiated against us in 1948.   Then, as now, we refused to completely win by destroying our enemies. The G-d of Israel will force us to win by giving us no choice. In the past we allowed our enemies to kill our soldiers rather than shoot at “innocent” civilians or places of worship. We have begun to change this method only now simply because our enemies have gone way beyond tolerance by conducting a war while using civilians and mosques as a means to protect themselves from our army.   Our choice is to either allow them to continue to bomb our country with impunity, or to ignore our former absurd self imposed limitations for warfare which no country in history ever set for itself.

The time has come to remove our enemies from our homeland and to declare Judea, Samaria and Gaza as part and parcel of the Jewish State. Until we do this the war will not end.   We can see antisemitism growing all over the world. This too is part of the Divine Process. For the Jew it is time to come home, preferably by choice.   For the Gentile it is time to recognize Israel as a Divine, not political entity and to support it even in the face of overwhelming condemnation. We may be the tiniest of minorities, but we are the only country in the world which has a Divine Promise to survive the coming Redemption. Let us never forget that ours is a Divine Mission. We can try to escape our obligation. . . but it will eventually find us as was the case with the prophet Jonah.


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