Jewis Destiny will continue unto Completion September 23, 2008


The original Jewish uprising which led to the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in Israel was inspired by genuine faith in G-d and the belief in authentic Jewish Biblical Destiny. Although the vast majority of participants were secular Jews, despite this fact most of them truly believed in G-d. The reality was that we had no professional army. Our arms and ammunition were grossly inadequate. Our chances for survival were questionable and, had we leaders then like the ones we have now, there is no way this country would have been reborn at that time.   We knew who are enemies were and we were not afraid to fight them to the death.

Today, when we have a modern nation with a powerful army reckoned among the best in the world, we have leaders who no longer believe in G-d nor in our Divine Destiny. When Arafat and his PLO created a new fraudulent entity called “palestine” in 1964, as a tool in the war to destroy Israel, his game plan worked far better than he could have imagined. Rather than crush this tiny flea when it was first conceived, we nurtured it and gave it life. In spite of the fact that these hoodlums murdered our civilian population mercilessly for decades, our leaders chose to recognize them as a legitimate entity, gave them guns and military training, and even expelled Jews from their homes to create a Jew free environment for those who still seek to destroy the Jewish homeland.

Peres still cannot understand why the Arabs are still fighting us when we proved to them that we are perfectly capable of destroying ourselves peacefully. Even the Arabs cannot believe that we have so little self respect and will to live, much less faith in G-d. They suspect that there is a catch here that they have not yet recognized. Certainly a country which defeated its overwhelming enemies on all fronts in 1967 can defeat a tiny non entity like the PLO.

People who have no beliefs nor any principles cannot understand people who do. This is the reason why negotiations can never work. The Arabs have beliefs and principles and our leadership doesn’t. The Arabs have never ever voluntarily given up any land. Israel has never stopped giving away our birthright to our enemies.   Our warped concept of democracy grants the right to our enemies who live in Israel to destroy the country from within.   “I may disagree with your views, but I will fight to the death to protect your right to express them.”   That certainly sounds like a death wish. The reality is that we refuse to recognize the genuine views of our enemies. We have decided that all they want is to be equal citizens in a Jewish State. Nothing could be further from the truth. Their concept of peace is a world without Israel or Jews. Our “loyal” Arab members of Knesset are actively working to destroy Israel from within the Knesset! Rather than throw them out, we insist that this is their right!

No other country in the world could survive such a leadership. The only explanation for our survival is the direct intervention of the G-d of Creation who will never permit us to change the Destiny He decreed, as hard as we may try.   If we could only remember the inner strength and genuine faith we once had in 1948 and again in 1967 to face impossible odds in spite of the likelihood that we would lose, we could hasten redemption.   There is no power in the world that can stand up to Jewish Destiny. . . not even Jewish attempts to defy it.

There is only One G-d in the world. He created the Jewish People to show his might to the nations of the world and thus prove His existence to all Mankind. The Iranian nuclear threat is no greater than that of Hitler; the Roman Empire; the Greek Empire; the Persian Empire or the Egyptian Empire. We have faced extinction in every generation. We survived and our enemies perished. This should be proof enough that G-d controls this world. But most are not even now convinced. There can be no doubt that the rebirth of ancient Israel in her original homeland, against the will of the majority of the world, is proof that the process of Redemption and revelation is well on its way.   Nothing can stop this process, nor will it be delayed. It will continue unto completion in any event. Those who support the process, even against overwhelming odds, will survive.   Those who ignore or reject the process will not.

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