No, Hillary, There will never be a two state solution March 9, 2009

Notwithstanding the sincere desire of American politicians to achieve a genuine peace in the Middle East, and notwithstanding the special relationship between Israel and the United States, there should be certain red lines which no Israeli politician dare cross.   For an American Secretary of State to come to Israel and declare the inevitability of eventually carving out a new terrorist state on Jewish soil is such a red line.   Any genuine Jewish leader could and should very calmly and firmly respond that the sovereign state of Israel will never agree to plant a foreign sovereign entity upon her soil.

It is the fault of former Israeli governments that we find ourselves in this absurd predicament today. It is a tragedy that things had to get to this point, but it is never too late to correct our errors and address the very real problems which threaten our future.   While politicians love to talk about a peace process which will find Arabs and Israelis embracing one another as they bridge their “differences”, no honest observer can truthfully believe such a thing.   It is pure fantasy based upon nothing.   The only way differences can be bridged is if the Arabs are willing to compromise on their religious beliefs (as Jewish leaders have already compromised upon their’s).

To make it as simple as possible, the Arabs have an uncompromising religious obligation to prevent any foreign sovereignty to take hold upon, what they consider to be, Islamic territory.   And the Jews have a religious obligation to return to and build up the Land of Israel.   They are forbidden, by G-d, to permit any part of the Land under their control to be given to any non-Jewish entity.   It is clear that there is simply no room for compromise. All attempts to do so are exercises in futility and destined not only to fail, but to guarantee a bitter conflict. The longer we pretend we can find a solution the more devastating will be the explosion when it is finally understood that no compromise is possible. We have already seen, many times over, how Arabs are willing and even eager to sacrifice the lives of their own children to stand by their beliefs. Such people will never accept the concept of Jewish sovereignty on what they consider Islamic soil even were Israel to agree to limit that sovereignty to Tel Aviv.

While Netanyahu might seem to be a wise diplomat by suggesting that the PLO can be given self government upon Jewish Land, but not sovereignty, this too is an act of futility which will guarantee a future explosion even were it to be accepted. If one is truly honest and has respect for the beliefs of his enemies, he would know that we are dealing with an all or nothing at all situation.   The choice is simple. Either we give up on Israel and just pack up and leave; or the Arabs do. There is no other option.

We have been playing at this “peace game” for over sixty years now.   In spite of the fact that the Jewish State and grown and thrived, we are no closer to peace.   Even the alleged treaties with Egypt and Jordan are nothing less than an innovative continuation in the struggle to destroy the Jewish State. These countries have learned that what they could not accomplish on the battlefield they could accomplish at the “peace” table.   And if we are honest with ourselves we can see that these countries agreed to cease hostilities in return for parts of the Jewish homeland, and much American financial aid. It has nothing to do with peace and good relations with the Jewish State.   If all of our enemies sat down with us at a peace table they could probably defeat us as we would give each one their own piece of Israel and we would disappear peacefully.

Ariel Sharon gave away Gaza for peace. He didn’t even bother with negotiations. He arbitrarily expelled all the Jews living there and destroyed their homes and cities. He dug up their graves and reburied the bodies elsewhere, knowing full well the appreciation he would get from his peace partners.   And ever since we are enjoying the peaceful results in the form of missiles launched against us from Gaza. In spite of this irrefutable evidence that we don’t have peace partners, only enemies, no one in our government has suggested going back into Gaza and removing our enemies. Rather there is talk about expelling more Jewish from their homes in Judea and Samaria and giving the Arabs even greater strategic advantage to launch attacks against the Jewish State.   In most societies such behavior would be termed insanity.

For those who still see Netanyahu as the ideal Jewish leader and place their hopes in him, I would but suggest that we remember that this is the man who could have ended Oslo the last time he was elected, but chose not to.   This is the man who warmly embraced Yassir Arafat.   This is the man who gave away 80% of the holy city of Hebron, including the hill upon which an Arab sniper deliberately murdered a Jewish infant. Know that not one Jew lives in that 80% of Hebron.   But the remaining 20% we share with our peaceful Arab neighbors!

We have no Jewish leadership.   We have only our Father in Heaven to whom we can turn.   He is waiting for us to begin to act like Jews.   It is time for Jews to tell Hillary and Obama that their road map is a non-starter.   Jews will never agree to see a non Jewish entity establish sovereignty upon Jewish soil.   The USA has vastly more land then Israel does.   If it is so important to establish a PLO state they can do it in Texas or Illinois, never in Israel.   And after you tell this to Hillary you can invite her to a state dinner. . . after you say the afternoon prayers.


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