Our Appauling Lack of Leadership October 30, 2008

The cowards in our government are shaking in their boots in reaction to public criticism of Husnei Mubarak by Knesset Member Avigdor Lieberman. Both the President and Prime Minister rushed to apologize for Lieberman’s comments, as if anyone would have dreamed that either of them would have supported it.

Lieberman expressed his exasperation with our leaders who praise our enemies as they spit in our faces. Just like Abu Mazen and Arafat before him were never peace partners, neither are Mubarak or Abdullah.

Both Egypt and Jordan made “peace” with Israel as a strategy to destroy her since they learned the hard way that we cannot be destroyed by war. As ridiculous and transparent that strategy is, none the less it is actually working. The Jewish State has done far more harm to itself via the peace process then our enemies were able to accomplish via war.

Gilad Shalit is not a prisoner of war. He was simply kidnaped and is now being used to extort Israel to release murderers. Our leaders praise Mubarak for “helping” in the negotiations to free him. Rather than negotiate, our leaders should simply demand his immediate release in exchange for our permitting their terrorists to live in jail. That demand should be backed up by a statement and a willingness to execute those prisoners, one by one, every day Shalit is not returned unharmed. Why is it that Arab nations are given diplomatic respectability for carrying out acts of terror and political extortion while Israel is expected to accept such atrocities and even aid and abet them?

In spite of the fact that we have a president who thinks that he is the prince of peace, we are not at peace with any Arab entity.   All Arab nations, including Egypt and Jordan, seek the destruction of the Jewish State. When a self respecting Knesset Member points out the fact that our “Emperors” are all naked, they all attack him and call him a racist. Our leaders have a need to convince themselves that their delusions and fantasies are true. They have been living them for so long that to even think that their peace process is a fraud is more than they can bear.   So rather than face reality they attack those who hold up a mirror to their nakedness. They prefer to smash the mirror rather than to look into it.

Like the ostrich which buries its head in the sand, even as a predator runs to devour him, the leaders of the Jewish State consciously refuse to recognize the fact that our alleged “peace partners” are enemies dedicated to our destruction. One never negotiates with enemies until a war is fought and won. Our war for survival is still going on, but we choose to call it a peace process. Rather than fighting to hold on to what is ours, we are choosing the path of surrender in the futile hope it will appease our enemies. All acts of appeasement accomplish is to encourage our enemies to demand more.

Elections are coming soon. We Israelis will, once again, have the democratic right to vote for the dictator of our choice. All of the contenders are willing to give away Jewish Land for meaningless paper promises.   Our system of government is not a democracy. . . it is a fraud designed to keep the power brokers in power. If we cannot change the system, we can certainly elect not to give our support to the fraud. What would happen if we had an election and no one came?   To vote is to endorse the legitimacy of a fraud. The time has come to say “enough”.

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