Project Shofar, Sounding the Alarm

The Project Shofar website is a tool to bring attention to the need for Jews to come home. History has shown that, despite the fact that our destiny is to return to our ancient homeland, most Jews prefer not to think about it. While it is understandable that non-religious Jews may not recognize the obligation to come home, it is painful to see that even most religious Jews prefer to not think about this obligation.

What is even more painful is the fact that a great many Christians who take the Bible seriously, clearly see that G-d is performing miracles for the Jews and that to deny these miracles brings needless tragedy.   Project Shofar has found warm, whole-hearted support from such people who understand how important it is for Jews to fulfill their destiny.

While such groups are more than willing to lend support to the efforts of Project Shofar to sound the alarm and encourage Jews to come home, those efforts appear to be futile.   While Jews, in general, do support Israel from a distance, only a tiny minority even bother to visit, much less anticipate moving there. This is a tragedy.

Jews have always refused to recognize imminent danger.   The lessons of the Holocaust are quickly forgotten.   Even after Hitler came into power, the majority of German Jews chose not to believe that they were in danger.   Germany was their country too and they would never leave. Today the United States and other countries in the world pose the same danger as Germany did in World War Two.   Jews consistently close their eyes to unpleasant truth, and castigate anyone who tries to open their eyes.

I am willing to travel anywhere to speak to Jews about coming home.   The problem is that they do not want to hear about it. They convince themselves that they are safer where they are, and that Israel needs a strong Jewish presence in the United States in order to continue to get support from that country.  The belief that Israel is dependent upon the United States is a myth. The alleged “unbreakable bond” is already beginning to break although both countries vehemently deny this fact.   Countries do not make policy or alliances out of kindness. Their actions are based upon self-interests.   As long as the United States perceives its relationship with Israel as an asset, the bond will remain.   The minute it finds that relationship to be a liability, it will break.

Aside from the fact that the United States has been infiltrated by Moslems, Arab oil rich nations have invested billions in America.   It is only a matter of time when it becomes obvious that it is in the interest of the United States to break its bond with Israel.   We can already see this in the agreement made with Iran, despite Netanyahu’s tireless efforts to thwart it.

Rather than panic and despair at what may appear to be the beginning of the end of the Jewish State, we should be proud and rejoice at the realization of fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.   We know that the nations of the world will gather together to destroy Israel.   And we also know that the Creator of the Universe will intervene and save us.   This is Jewish destiny, which no power on Earth can change.

Logically speaking the Jewish People should no longer exist. We should have disappeared after we were exiled from our homeland two thousand years ago and scattered among the nations of the world. What are the mathematical chances that such a nation would continue to exist over such a long period of time without a homeland and scattered among the nations?   And how much more improbable is it to expect that such a nation, especially after being decimated in the holocaust, would ever return to its ancient homeland and reestablish Jewish sovereignty there?   Such a phenomenon is virtually impossible.   Yet, precisely as described in the Bible, it did happen, in spite of us more than because of us.

If one just honestly looks at the incredible miracles which have already made the Jewish State a true wonder of the world, he cannot help but recognize that this is a Divine process, not a natural one.

It is G-d’s Will that the Jewish People become a light unto the nations. . . proving His existence beyond a shadow of a doubt.   This is our destiny whether or not we like it.   To deny it is futile and will only bring us harm.   To recognize it and strive to support it will hasten the process and bring even greater miracles. This is the choice facing us today.   This is why I seek to sound the Shofar and wake up my sleeping people while there is still time to avoid needless tragedy.   Outside of the Land of Israel there is no future for the Jewish people.   Redemption is coming and Exile must end.   Either we come home proudly, on our own, or the Exile will vomit us out and many will perish.   The choice is a no brainer, but we have chosen to close our eyes and pretend that all is well.

Each of the nations of the world has a guardian angel watching over it. . . all nations except for Israel.   G-d Himself watches over us here day and night. There will never be another Exile, and this country cannot be destroyed. Come home while there is still time.   No one knows how little time is left.

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