Redemption is Coming in spite of our Leaders December 16, 2008

When I speak to visitors to Israel I always tell them, “If you are looking for logic, you came to the wrong country. We don’t have any.” The modern state of Israel defied logic just by getting established. The majority of the world, and a great many Jewish leaders, inside and out of Israel, were opposed to the idea. We had no trained army and were overwhelmingly outnumbered by our Arab neighbors who sought our destruction.   The only thing that has changed since those days is the fact that we did become a state and we have been growing in quality and quantity ever since, in spite of our (mis)leaders.

Another illogical thing is the fact that, today, when we have one of the best armies in the world, we are afraid to use it and prefer to surrender conditionally to those who would destroy us. This is called “peace negotiations”.   Clearly, although our leaders may genuinely seek peace, the results of our “negotiations” have accomplished nothing other than to weaken us militarily and politically.

Election day is coming up soon. I think it was Albert Einstein who said, “Insanity is when someone performs the same experiment, over and over, expecting different results.”   I suppose that defines Israeli voters as certifiably insane. It doesn’t matter who wins. The Israeli population always loses. We do not have a democracy here.   We have the right to elect the dictator of our choice and then to accept whatever he decides to do, regardless of any campaign promises.

Yitzchak Rabin said, in reaction to a demonstration by a quarter of a million citizens, “They can spin around like pinwheels for all I care.” And Binyamin Netanyahu, Mister Democracy himself, waited until after the results of internal elections and arbitrarily changed the results to rid the list of those he considered undesirable. He justified his actions by telling the press that he is the leader of his party and he will make the critical decisions.   Clearly, should this fellow get elected to be Prime Minister, he will hold the same warped belief that, regardless of the will of the people, he is the leader and he will decide what is best. This is the man who gave away 80% of Hebron to Arafat and did nothing to stop the tragedy of giving Gaza to the PLO. And now he promises to continue “negotiating” with those who seek our destruction.

A friend suggested to me that, although he agreed that we have no good choices for leadership, at least we can choose the lesser of two evils. I replied that I am not that smart. I really have no way to know which candidate is worse.   He reminded me of the time when Bibi ran against Shimon Peres. I reminded him that no one elected Shimon Peres, but he is still in a position of power! “So,” he asked, “Who are you voting for?” I told him that I am voting for the Creator of the Universe. I will abstain from voting and trust that G-d will provide us with the leader we deserve. I certainly will not participate in the sham we call “democracy”.

Clearly all of the above are very negative and might suggest that we just give up on this lost cause called “The State of Israel”.   Many people feel this way. But they are all wrong. Quite to the contrary. All of the insanity by leaders who make every mistake possible; all of the efforts to make “peace” at the expense of our very existence, have failed to accomplish the logical result, the destruction of this country. This is the best proof possible that the Living G-d of Israel will never let us destroy ourselves, and certainly not let others destroy us. This is not because we are worthy of His help, rather because it is His desire that Israel become the greatest of nations and lead the entire world to knowledge of Him.   Nothing can prevent Divine Destiny from continuing unto completion.

Project Shofar is sounding the alarm to all who will listen.   It is not we who control this world. G-d has an unstoppable plan which is already beginning to unfold before our very eyes. We can choose not to look at it. We can even choose to try to change it.   But doing so will only bring needless suffering. Instead we must do whatever we can to recognize and support the Divine Process.   For the Jew it means leaving, what still may be, a pleasant Exile to come home to a fragile Israel. . . just to show our faith in G-d and Jewish Destiny.   For the Gentile it means standing with the underdog, the tiny Jewish State, against overwhelming odds, for Biblical, not political reasons. This too is a demonstration of faith in the One G-d of Israel. This is the only peace plan that will work

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