Redemption is in Our Hands July 23, 2214

It should be clear to everyone that Hamas has been preparing for years to deliver a crippling blow to the Jewish State.   It has received funding from Arab states, and actually used the guise of building up Gaza for its inhabitants to gain funding from the USA and, yes, even Israel!!

When Hamas joined with the PLO, an honest partnership if there ever was one, Bibi refused to see that both groups seek the destruction of Israel.   He tried to get Abu Mazen to reject the partnership and return to negotiations. Had he done so we would be sitting with him today and handing over more of our homeland to the PLO.

By murdering the three yeshiva boys Hamas, intentionally or otherwise, initiated a process which led to the current war.   In reaction to our efforts to find the boys and their murderers, it may well be that the war began before Hamas intended.

Most of us fail to realize that the war of independence was never finished.   The Arab nations have never given up hope of destroying the Jewish State. Iran is the most honest of them in its unabashed declarations of its intention to annihilate the Jewish State.   But this is truly the wish of all of the Arab nations, including Jordan and Egypt.   We just prefer to believe otherwise.

And we still harbor the futile hope that we can eventually make peace with Arab terrorists who call themselves “Palestinians”.   We want to believe this so badly that we lie to ourselves and choose not to look at unpleasant facts:

  1. Abu Mazen, the “moderate” has made it crystal clear that he will never recognize a Jewish State.
  2. The proposed two state solution calls for an Arab State with no Jews, and a “Jewish State” with plenty of Arabs.   I do not recall any Jewish leader objecting to this.
  3. Bibi came to an agreement with Arafat whereby he gave him 80% of Hebron. Not one Jew can live in that 80%, but in our 20% we have plenty of Arabs.   Somehow no one seems to notice the disparity here.
  4. Aside from the fact that we have suffered from suicide bombers, murderous attacks on our highways, and the slaughter of families in their homes by our alleged “peace partners”, we also have Knesset factions which are made up of Arabs who openly side with our enemies in time of war!


How is it that, given the above facts, we continue to ignore the reality that we have forced ourselves to accept the axiom that we have no choice but to live with those who seek to annihilate us?   Today we are engaged in a war with an enemy who has made it clear that nothing will dissuade it from doing all in its power to destroy our country. It has barraged our cities with thousands of missiles meant to annihilate our people and we seem more concerned with the welfare of their children than that of our own.   The world condemns us because the missiles failed to complete their mission!   When we fight back and there is collateral damage, we are blamed that there are more Arab deaths than Jewish ones.   Perhaps we could make them happy by dying more.

We are wasting time and energy trying to prove to the world how moral and good we are.   Those who know do not need us to tell them.  And those who hate us will never allow truth to get in the way of that hatred.   Take a look at all of the hateful “demonstrations” all over the world in which both Israel and the Jewish People are villainized and even attacked by those who stand with the Arabs in Gaza.

Had we not issued leaflets to the enemy population in Gaza; had we not delivered food and medical supplies to them; had we not refrained from bombing mosques and hospitals which house their weapons; had we not aborted bombing missions for fear of harming civilians, the haters would still hate us. . . but we could have finished this war long ago without so many Jewish casualties.

Redemption is at our doorstep, but we choose not to heed the knock on the door. We are the tiniest of nations and present a threat to no one.   Every war that took place in this country was initiated by those who thought they could destroy us. Yet we have never chosen to destroy our enemies.   Instead we negotiate with the losers. Rather than achieving peace, all we have accomplished is to convince our enemies that we can eventually be defeated.

From the declaration of the Jewish State up until the present war, we refuse to see the incredible miracles which have kept us alive in spite of impossible odds.

Jews from France are coming home in droves.  Aliyah is part of Jewish destiny and also a defiance of nature. Those of us who choose not to come home will be vomited out of the Exile and we can already see this beginning to happen.

Biblical destiny predicts that the nations will gather together to destroy us, but will themselves be destroyed. This too is already beginning to happen. The miracles are beginning, but they could be so much greater were we to stand with them.   Rather than apologizing to the nations for defending ourselves, we should stop limiting our efforts to end the war and just demolish our enemies regardless of collateral damage.   The world will not condemn us any more than they are already doing. But, in the end they will respect us.

Rather than pleading with the nations to let us defend ourselves, we should just do it.   Afterwards we can send Bibi around to explain why we had no choice but to destroy our enemies.   That is the difference between sanctification of G-d and desecration.   Sanctification will speed the Redemption. It is in our hands to do so

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