The Arabs are Laughing at us July 2, 2014

Back in the thirties, even before there was a Jewish State, Arabs attacked and murdered Jews in Israel. Under the British occupation they would see that no attempt was made to stop them and they shouted in glee, “the government is with us!”   Who would have dreamed that the day would come when the Arabs would see a Jewish leadership in Israel that was so afraid of foreign opinion that it refused to recognize the war?   The Arabs have every right to shout with glee today, “the government is with us!”

There was a time when our Arab population was afraid of us. Those days are long gone. Rather than put down our enemies we have elevated them.   Not only have we made them “citizens”, but they sit in our Knesset and work to destroy us from within.   Not only have we given them parts of our country as autonomous regions where Jews are warned not to enter for risk of being murdered, but we have given them arms and accepted the reality of several armed Arab organizations on Jewish soil.   Lunacy is a kind word to describe our behavior.

We have grown accustomed to labeling the murder of Jews as “acts of terror”, perpetrated by bad Arabs who must be found and punished.   We treat acts of war as if they were individual crimes rather than a national policy of our enemies. Yes, we may catch the individual. But we fail to address the problem and thus guarantee its continuation.

Bibi blames Hamas and is trying to get Abu Mazen to separate from them so he can continue to negotiate with the PLO.   Peres tells us that Abu Mazen is the best partner we ever had.   Yet this gentle soul was the mastermind of the Munich Massacre which saw Israeli Athletes gunned down in cold blood at the Olympic games.   How can any normal human being believe that this man is anything less than an enemy of the Jewish People and the Jewish State?

Hamas is shooting rockets at us from Gaza and we are playing tit for tat with them with targeted air strikes. The rockets are still coming and Hamas dares to threaten us should we try to take Gaza back.

There is a war going on and our enemies believe that they can win it.   We have given them little reason to believe otherwise.   This is the real reason for “terror.”

There is a solution, but I fear that my government lacks the courage to implement it.

First and foremost all Arabs must be disarmed.   Secondly they should all be stripped of citizenship.   In addition they must sign a statement renouncing all connection to the concept of Palestine.   Those who object will be immediately deported to Gaza, until we can find a better place.   Any Arab who picks up a rock to throw at a Jew must be shot on sight.

Until and unless we instill genuine fear in our enemies we will see more murders of our children. If we refuse to take our country back, our enemies will be more than happy to take the rest of it from us.

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