The New Chelm

Once upon a time some the people of Chelm came upon a beautiful horse.   It was so beautiful that they just did not want to admit it was dead.   Some people hit it with a stick in the hope that it would get up. Others tried to get it to its feet by tying it with ropes and supporting it with braces.

When all of their efforts failed to produce results they consulted with their wise men.   “This is really a beautiful horse, but nothing we do can get it to move,” lamented the people.   The wise men agreed that something must be done to get the horse to move.   Shimon the Wise suggested that they bring the best of our food and offer it to the animal.   Bibi the Brilliant suggested that they form alliances with their neighbors and try to convince them to help get the horse to move. Bennett the Benificent suggested that we give forty percent of the horse to the PLO, and Tzippy the Clever suggested that we give the horse away altogether and let others find a way to make it move.   Then, if they succeed, maybe they will let us share it.

Then a small boy looked incredulously at his elders and announced, “But the horse is dead, it will never move. And if we don’t bury it soon it will decay and cause terrible disease!!”

The police were immediately called in to arrest the boy for daring to defy the town elders.

I think that Israel should be renamed Chelm.   Our so called “leaders” are all still beating the dead horse called “peace”.   Bibi is hoping that Abu Mazen will leave Hamas, as if the PLO isn’t terrorist enough for him. Tzippy is still talking to Abu Mazen as if there is something to talk about.   And even Bennett proposes to annex sixty percent of what is one hundred percent ours.   Even he has hopes for peace with those who seek our destruction.

And now the Pope is here!! Isn’t it wonderful that the leader of replacement theology, which claims that the Catholic Church has replaced the Jewish People as the chosen of G-d, is hosted so graciously by those he claims to have replaced? Don’t we realize that the Pope can never recognize Jewish rights to Israel?   If he does then he denies his own philosophy!! The physical existence of the Jewish State proves that replacement theology is false.   This is why the last Pope who visited called the shepherds in Bethlehem “decendents of the Apostels”, even though they are Moslems.   He was trying to give legitimacy to Israel’s enemies in the futile hope that perhaps the Jewish State can be undone and then he can justify his own false philosophy.   What makes Francis any different? But Shimon is going to Rome to try to help the Pontiff give away our homeland to the PLO!

And when self respecting Jews try to put up signs warning of the danger, and others go to the Tomb of David in the hope of dissuading our leaders from giving it away to the Pope, the police arrest them!   Tell me this isn’t Chelm!!!

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