The Real Peace Plan August 29, 2007

The yearning for Zion is a Jewish trait which has been deeply implanted in our hearts for over two thousand years. Not only is it part and parcel of our prayers, but it has been an innate instinct in the hearts of even those Jews who have drifted from Jewish observance. This is why, back in 1948, even non religious Jews felt a powerful yearning to return to the Land and create a country that is Jewish. While they probably never really understood the ramifications of such a country, they rediscovered pride in their Jewish identity and were prepared to fight and die for it.

The fact that this nation never had a chance to succeed never dampened the enthusiasm of the proud Jews who fought for it. Most did not realize that their deep yearning was a culmination of two thousand years of Exile. It was a promise of Redemption which they could not understand. They just knew that Jews had been suppressed and murdered in all of the lands of our Exile, and that now we had an opportunity to rebuild a truly Jewish homeland which would always be a haven for our people.   Because they really didn’t understand the magnitude of the course they had chosen to take, after beating all the odds and succeeding in returning Jewish sovereignty to at least part of our holy inheritance, they did not know what to do with their success. From the outset they made a stupendous blunder, albeit for noble intentions. Remembering the oppression Jews had endured for generations, they could not think to oppress others. Thus they held out their hands to our Arab enemies and offered them equality in the state of the Jews. No Arab nation ever made such an offer to its Jewish citizens. While their motivations were admirable, their vision and common sense were lacking.

One cannot offer equality and citizenship to those who seek your destruction. While certainly there are Arabs who may be willing to live in peace with Israel, the vast majority are not. The Arab citizen of Israel does not sing Hatikvah and celebrate his defeat on Israel Independence Day. One would be a fool to expect him to.   Had we been honest with ourselves, we could have offered those Arabs in the Land the option to live together with us as resident aliens. . . not citizens. Those who truly accepted Jewish sovereignty would have been able to live here in peace with us. Those who refused would have had to leave. Had this been done at that time we could be living in peace with those Arabs who chose to live here with us. We would never have known an intifada with rocks, bullets and bombs. Neither Arab nor Jew would be subject to the terror we now face in our homeland.

As a result of this blunder today we suffer from a self inflicted war inside our own borders!   What is worse, our current leaders fail to recognize this war. Rather than accept the reality and deal with it, they bury their heads in the sand and insist that our enemies, those dedicated to our total destruction, are really peace partners who ultimately want to live in peace with us. There is absolutely no basis for this assumption, yet our national policy continues to advocate this premise.

Shimon Peres, a man who has personally witnessed the reestablishment of Jewish sovereignty in Israel and has served in nearly all governments since it was established, stands as living proof that one who has no understanding of Jewish principles will eventually trample upon them. Although it may well be that he personally seeks to protect Israel from its enemies, his foolish actions have accomplished the exact opposite. It was Peres who arranged for the Prime Minister to meet with arch Terrorist Arafat and established that hoodlum as a legitimate diplomat. He gave credence to the claim of our enemies that Israel belongs to them. He served up our nation by offering Arafat a menu which saw Gaza and Jericho as only the first course.

Since the metamorphosis of the greatest murder of our time into a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, the State of Israel has opened the door to her own self destruction. The PLO, a terrorist organization dedicated to the destruction of the Jewish State, has now gained the status of a pre-state authority, with the blessing of the Jewish government!   No enemy of Israel could have dealt her a more deadly blow then did our own leadership.

Ehud Olmert, who announced to the world that he is tired of winning wars, went to war to redeem our captive soldiers. . . and then fulfilled his announcement by losing that war. I wonder if he feels less tired now.

Now that he lost the war and failed to redeem our captives, he is releasing terrorist murderers in the futile hope that this will win the freedom of the captives. Furthermore he is meeting with the leaders of our enemies and promising them to free more murderers and to give away more Jewish Land.   This misleader is preparing to meet with the PLO under the auspices of the USA and the European Union as well as with Arab States in the boldest attempt yet to dismantle the Jewish State . . . for peace.

These “leaders”, and too many other people, really believe that Israel has no choice but to die for peace.   One would expect that such thinking would preclude negotiations and simply lead to accepting our defeat, handing the keys to the PLO or Hamas, and just go back into Exile. One is hard put to understand why this hasn’t happened yet.   The reason is simple. Israel is not just another state. She is the beginning of the destined fulfillment of G-d’s Will to return His People to the Land He has chosen for them.   Although it may not be obvious, a great many good Jews do not accept the follies of our leaders. Unfortunately it seems that there is little we can do to oppose them. I believe that voting in the next election is not only an act of futility, it is an expression of lack of faith in our G-d.   All we can do is trust in our G-d who continues to perform miracles for us and who has no choice but to rescue us, not only from our enemies, but even from ourselves.   Jewish Destiny is His idea, not ours. And it will be accomplished even in spite of our stupid efforts to thwart it.

As we sound the Shofar every morning in the month of Elul in preparation for the coming Days of Awe, we would do well to consider our obligations as Jews and cease to worry about the follies of our leaders. This country is ours and always will be ours in spite of our misleaders. There is a power far greater than our leaders and even then that of all of our enemies or alleged friends.   Let us bend our hearts to our G-d and seek to serve Him in complete love and self sacrifice. To live in the Land of Israel and follow G-d’s Law is the only peace plan that will work. Let us listen to the sound of the Shofar and remember how it must have sounded on Mount Sinai when G-d chose us to show the world how to turn to Him and elevate all of Mankind to holiness.

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