Things are not the way they Seem March 17 2008

If we look at the Jewish State as we look at any other state, it is easy to despair of hope for its future. It is an extremely tiny country surrounded by enemies who seek her destruction. The wealthy Arab nations have used their political and monetary clout to influence the USA and European nations to weaken little Israel.  The nonsense of two states for two nations is nothing less than a clever ploy to get Israel to surrender half of what is left of her homeland to our enemies. While it is easy to understand the Arab motivation for such a proposal, it is difficult to explain why an allegedly intelligent President of the USA would buy into such an obvious ruse.   And it is impossible to understand how a Prime Minister of Israel can lend his backing to a plan to destroy his country!

I can easily understand American Jews who tell me that they will not consider living in a country whose leaders seem bent on self destruction. No other nation in history would ever have considered voluntarily surrendering huge chunks of its homeland to an enemy which sought its destruction. The norm is to fight unto death for that which belongs to you.   Clearly our leaders do not believe that all of the Jewish State belongs to the Jewish People.

My family and I moved to Israel from the United States nearly thirty years ago. We came to live here, not because it was a wonderful democracy, not because it had great leaders, and not even because life was more comfortable here than in the United States. We came to live in the Jewish State because we are Jews and this is our only homeland.   Jews were set apart from the nations of the world by G-d. He wanted us to be unique among the peoples of the world. He scattered us among the nations and made us the tiniest of minorities. One of the reasons for this is to enable us to become living proof of his existence.   We are His tool to elevate all of Mankind to holiness and service to Him.

Clearly the present leaders of Israel are not men and women of faith. They are ignorant of the greatness of their destiny and the infinite power in their possession. Were they to base their policies upon Jewish imperatives rather than political ones, and act with courage based upon faith in G-d there is no power on Earth that could harm us. Instead they place their neck under the sword of our alleged “friends” in the hope that they will take pity upon us and protect us from our enemies. They fail to believe their own eyes which have seen the Hand of G-d, time after time, intervene and save us from our enemies when our alleged “friends” were nowhere to be found. The only reason we suffer in Israel today is because we have turned our backs upon our only ally, the Living G-d of Israel!

Jewish destiny is unfolding today, not because we have earned it, rather because our Creator has decided that the time has come to redeem His World. He has chosen us as His tool in the process of Redemption and He will use us whether or not we agree.   Should we agree and choose to walk in the path he has prepared for us the Redemption will be glorious and filled with open wonders and miracles.   Should we choose to ignore our responsibilities or to work in opposition to them, the Redemption will still unfold, only accompanied by needless tragedy and by miracles few will notice. This seems to be the process we have opted for. Yet, until the Redemption is complete, we can still decide to change our ways and work with the process.

The most powerful thing a Jew can do today to hasten Redemption is simply to ignore his fears and come home simply because he seeks to demonstrate his faith in G-d. All of the obstacles which make Israel seem like a dangerous place were placed there to give us the opportunity to truly express our faith. Were Israel a Garden of Eden, abounding in treasures for all of her inhabitants, how would we be able to express our faith? A Jew of genuine faith should be able to see those treasures now, in spite of the apparent difficulties.

My family left a beautiful Exile to come home to a seemingly difficult homeland. We were blessed to find a true Garden of Eden in Hebron. We raised our five children here and are presently basking in the glory of watching our beautiful grandchildren grow up here as well.   Jewish identity and pride are something we must work very hard to instill in our children in the Exile. In Israel these are natural qualities. When I ponder our good fortune I shudder to think how different things could have been had we not decided to come home when we did.

So my message to my Jewish brothers still living in Exile is not to risk your life by moving to a crazy country. The message is to save your lives and that of your offspring by coming home to our only home before the Exile literally spits you out. Our Rabbis tell us that if we bend our will to please our Creator, He will bend His Will to please us. There is no better way to please our Creator today than to simply come home.

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