Time to Finish the War May 23, 2014

There is only one state in the Middle East which has no self respect nor appreciation of its own identity.   Israel has been devoting so much time to curry favor with the international community that it has crossed all red lines for her own self interest.

Back in 1948 the new Israeli government accepted the partition plan with its pathetic indefensible borders.   Had the Arabs accepted the plan it is hard to see how Israel could have survived.   Fortunately they rejected it and tried to destroy Israel.

Back in 1967 the Arabs were again poised to destroy Israel. The Israeli government begged King Hussein of Jordan to stay out of the war.   Had he agreed he would still be in possession of all of Judea and Samaria and East Jerusalem.

We Jews really have nothing to be proud about.   We have been trying to give away Judea and Samaria ever since they returned to us. It is only our enemies who have prevented us from doing so.

Netanyahu is complaining that Abu Mazen signed an agreement with Hamas. Yet truly there is no difference between the two.   We finally have a golden opportunity to stop the stupidity of trying to negotiate our homeland with those who seek to take it all from us, and our leaders are trying desperately to continue this futility!!

The Arabs are now trying to make an international incident of two hoodlums being shot dead by the IDF.   Were we a self respecting country, it would be mandatory to shoot dead any Arab who lifts a hand against a Jew.   Arabs who murder Jews, just because they are Jews, are considered heroes by the PLO. And when our government releases such murderers it is an accomplice to their crimes.

Bibi is trying to pass a law recognizing the Jewish character of the state.   Yet, by continuing to insist that Arabs be equal citizens here he is denying that Jewish character.

Many in our Knesset are trying to make things better.   But things are so bad that it is hard to see how they can be made better.   The basic changes which need to be made are not even talked about.

First and foremost Israel must be defined as the Jewish State.   This means only Jews should be entitled to citizenship here. Others who wish to live here and obey our laws as foreign residents with full human rights should be welcome. Those who challenge our sovereignty should not.

How is it that there are many villages throughout Judea and Samaria, technically under Jewish control, which are off limits to Jews?   There are large red signs forbidding Jews to enter as it may be a danger to their lives. Yet should a Jewish town think to put up a sign forbidding entrance to Arabs and warning of danger to their lives, it would be top news that Jews are racists!

A racist is someone who hates people because of their race.   Most Arabs are racists as they hate Jews just because they are Jews.   Most Jews do not hate Arabs because they are Arabs.   We hate them because they are our enemies who seek our destruction.   That is not racism. . . it is common sense.   I do not want to remove Arabs from Israel because they are Arabs.   I want to remove them because they are murdering us and seek to take our country away from us. Why are we so afraid to address reality?   They murder us and we pretend to make peace!   Insanity, cowardice and just plane stupidity are but a few terms to describe our insistence to live together with those who seek our destruction.

Cowardice is the best way to describe the situation on our Temple Mount. When Arabs riot there, rather than remove the rioters, the police remove Jewish worshippers!   It is we who have encouraged Arab rioting, rock throwing, and much worse.   Had we an ounce of self respect such behavior would never be tolerated.   No one can tell me that we do not have the ability to put down riots. We just lack the courage and self respect to do so.

Let us stop apologizing to the world for defending ourselves against our enemies. Let us stop pretending that we can make peace with them.   They have declared war against us. . . it is high time that we recognize this fact and just finish the war

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