We do not want to go back to Gaza, but. . . . January 5, 2009

Several months ago, Foreign Minister, Tzippy Livni stated, “We do not want to go back to Gaza. . . but we may not have a choice.” Clearly this is the policy of our government. . . even now.   It matters not that our enemies have taken a “good will” gift and used it as a base to attack Israel. Our leaders insist that we find a way to learn to live with those who seek our destruction. This is nothing short of insanity.


Regardless of “world opinion”, the Jewish State has an obligation to protect its civilian population. Even if we do not want to go back to Gaza, at this point it should be clear to all that we, indeed, have no choice. Ideologically speaking there is no difference between Hamas and the PLO. They may have different methods, but the ultimate goal is the same. . . to destroy the Jewish State.   No sane entity engages in negotiations with a party which seeks its destruction.


Considering the manpower, financial expenditure, and military resources being expended on this effort, it is clearly within the ability of the IDF to completely clean out the Gaza Strip and repossess it. This is the only way to stop attacks completely.   If our goal is anything less, then we are wasting our time. A southern corridor to Egypt can be opened and all Arabs living in Gaza can have the choice to either escape or perish. This operation can be completed in a very short time and with minimal Jewish casualties.   We certainly will suffer condemnation from most of the world. . . but the quicker we finish the job the sooner the condemnation will fade away.   The fact is that we will get condemnation no matter what we do. . . so why not do something meaningful?


Until we hear a Jewish leader suggest such a solution we have no Jewish leadership.   Unless we decisively defeat our enemies we will never have a glimmer of a hope to live in peace. It is we who have brought this situation upon ourselves and it is only we who can extricate ourselves from it. Those who still cling to the pipe dream that we can live in peace with those who seek our destruction are those who condemn us to continued needless suffering

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