Why can’t Anyone see what is Happening? September 16, 2008


I remember, many years ago, discussing with friends and neighbors in the Jewish community where I then lived, the possibility that America may one day be dangerous for Jews. One fellow boldly stated that the minute he sees such dangers he will pack up and make aliyah. He failed to recognize the futility and impropriety of such a statement. First of all he, and those who think as he does, will never see the danger even when it stares them in the face.   What he was really saying was, “it can never happen in America because America is my home.”   This is the real problem. As Jews we should be planning to come home, not because the place where we live now is or will become dangerous, rather because we are able to go home to our destined homeland for which we have been praying for over two thousand years!   It is not merely a mitzvah, a commandment, to live in the Land. . . it is an amazing privilege which we should all be yearning to fulfill.

There are two opposing concepts which our rabbis tell us cannot coexist. . . Exile and Redemption. For Redemption to be complete the Exile must come to an end.   The idea of a Jew witnessing Redemption in all of its glory while living happily in the USA is an expression of complete ignorance of the concept of Redemption. G-d wants us to choose to fulfill our destiny. He is giving us every opportunity to recognize our potential and to fulfill it. Instead of seeing the great miracles He has performed in our time, we find all kinds of rational explanations and insist upon being like all of the other nations in the world. Leaders in both Israel and the USA really think that they can make peace by violating Jewish obligations. All this will do is make things worse for everyone.

Every time the USA threatens Israel, G-d has sent “natural” disasters to warn it to stop. I was amazed to watch on television the incredible similarity to the evacuation of New Orleans to the evacuation of Katif. After 9/11 President Bush still insisted upon looking at Islam as a peaceful religion. Or maybe he was just trying to pacify his Saudi friends. Yet the bombing of the Twin Towers was praised by so called “Palestinians” in Israel as they handed out candy in the streets to celebrate.

Every crisis in the USA also is a warning to Jews to go home while they still can. But Jews consider themselves American first and Jewish second. . . much like the Jews in Germany in the 30′s who thought themselves loyal Germans first.   I don’t know if the latest financial crisis in the USA will become the beginning of a new nightmare or not. Perhaps America will find a way to recover. It is also possible that the first domino has fallen and the entire world may find itself in financial chaos.   It doesn’t take a prophet or a genius to see how such a situation can become a breeding ground for rabid antisemitism. When people are hungry and desperate they seek a scapegoat to blame. History has always found the Jews to be the convenient scapegoat.   There is no reason to assume that this won’t happen again.

The G-d of Israel has already begun the process of Redemption. This process will not stop until it is completed. Those who seek to thwart it only invite disaster upon themselves and will fail in their efforts. Those who truly believe in G-d will seek to please him. For the Jew it is time to just come home. For the Gentile it is time to recognize that the Jewish State is a Biblical process, not a political one. There is no room to negotiate its future as it has already been determined. Those who seek to replace Biblical destiny with man made “road maps” only invite disaster. Listen to the sound of the shofar and wake up before it is too late.


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