Why is Bush Burning the Truth? July 16, 2003

The concept of an independent Jewish State should certainly imply a sovereign nation which protects its citizens without having to seek permission from outsiders to do so. Why is there no sense of outrage within the Israeli government at the virtual usurping of our sovereign rights by the illegal and immoral demands of the government of the United States of America?

What would President Bush say should Sharon declare that the United States should be divided into fifty separate countries, for peace?   How would he react should the Israeli government declare that bombing Afghanistan and interfering with the sovereignty of Iraq violates international law and should be stopped immediately?   And what would the reaction be should Israel issue a demand that the United States release rapists and murderers from their prisons?

Yet President Bush has no problem stating that Israel has no choice but to carve up her sovereign territory and help murderers to create a new state upon it. He has no moral qualms about demanding the release of convicted murderers from our jails. And he feels it proper and fair to suggest that Israel remove Jews from their homes in parts of Israel that he would like to see handed over to Arafat. . . for peace.

The question really isn’t about Bush. It is about Sharon and the entire Israeli government.  What are we negotiating? How is it conceivable that any responsible government of any country in the world would sit down and discuss the terms of its self-destruction, especially from a position of moral and military advantage?   It is nothing short of lunacy.

If our security services tell us that the number of warnings of planned terrorist attacks has dropped from forty to twenty is that cause to rejoice and rush to embrace our enemies? Fewer Jews are being murdered now so lets sit down and give more to the PLO.

When we were in the concentration camps and the ghettos of Eastern Europe Jews were murdered like flies and no one cared. Jewish life had no value, and we learned to live with the fact that we could be murdered with impunity. With the rebirth of the sovereign Jewish State in our ancient homeland, for the first time in over two thousand years Jewish life was placed under the protection of Jews. We have a Jewish army second to none in the world. We have a police force of the highest caliber in the world. So how is it that, of all places in the world, a murderer of Jews can feel safe in Israel?

It is the height of immorality that Arafat and other Arab murderers of Jews who are sitting in Israeli jails are still alive. By what right did Ariel Sharon agree not to execute either Arafat or the Arab murderer of his friend, former Tourism Minister Rahavam Zeevi? Murder of Jews, even ministers in the Israeli government, not only goes unpunished, rather it is rewarded by that government.   And, to add insult to injury, while the United States demands and gets Israel to release convicted murderers from jail, Israel cannot manage to convince the President of the United States to release Jonathan Pollard, who never murdered anyone!   One would have expected, at the very minimum, an exchange agreement. If we are forced to turn murderers loose, the least we could have done was demand Pollard as the price.

Peace is a very simple word. Unfortunately is has been so twisted out of shape that it seems to have lost its original meaning. One does not achieve peace by rewarding terror and murder. One does not achieve peace by denying every moral principle he has. And one certainly does not achieve peace by appeasing his enemies. There are certain values in life which can only be attained by sacrifice and by refusing to bend principles. If we are to hope to gain respect in the eyes of both our allies and our enemies, we first need to achieve self-respect. Any nation which accepts terror without doing all in its power to utterly destroy it does not have self-respect.

If Sharon really wanted to achieve peace he would need to find the courage to be totally truthful. No nation, other than the Jewish one, has the right to sovereignty over Jewish soil. Any entity which suggests otherwise and attempts to implement that suggestion is an enemy. Any Arab who calls himself a “Palestinian” fits into that category. Rather than negotiate with Abu Mazen, Israel should have declared war with the PLO and completely destroyed it. All of the lands under Jewish control should be developed and Jews should be encouraged to live in all parts of our homeland. How dare anyone suggest that there are places in Israel where Jews should not be permitted to live?   What country in the world would tolerate such a blatant mockery of its sovereignty?

Peace was never the end goal of the Rogers plan, the Kissinger plan, the Oslo plan or the Road Map plan. The goal of all of these plans was nothing less than attempted appeasement of Arab terror which has always sought to destroy the Jewish State.   For any Jewish government to participate in such plans is nothing short of treason, aside from abject stupidity.

Were Sharon the statesman he thinks he is, he would have told the American President that he is very sorry, but it is not his right nor ability to even discuss dividing the Holy Land. While he is prepared to permit Arabs who accept Jewish sovereignty and who obey the law of the Land to live in Israel, those who challenge our sovereignty or break our laws will not be permitted to stay here.

There are millions of Christian Zionists all over the world who would back up such a position unequivocally.   And there are hundreds of thousands of Jews who would also. But it is not numbers that are important. It is Truth that really matters. When the Day of Judgement arrives and we are called upon by the Divine Tribunal to explain our behavior on Earth, we will not be asked whether or not we joined the majority. We will be required to answer the question, “Did you stand up against the majority in favor of Truth?” How many of us will be able to answer, “Yes!”?

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