Winning a War isn’t Racism December 2008

The government of Israel today is reaping what it sowed in Gaza. Under Ariel Sharon the government of Israel decided to make peace overtures to our Arab neighbors. Thousands of Jews were forcibly evicted from their homes. . . . for peace.   An immediate question which apparently no one ever bothered to ask was, “If we are making peace, why do Jews need to be evacuated? Why couldn’t they remain and live peacefully with the Arabs?”   It seems that the government of “peace” is really a racist entity. They removed Jews from their homes simply because they were Jews.   It was also quite telling about the understanding of the spirit of peace on the part of our government when they found it necessary to dig up the graves of Jews who were buried in Gaza and rebury the bodies in Israel proper. Clearly they knew how much our new peace partners would appreciate our kindness to them.


Why then are we so surprised today to watch the missiles fly with increasing range and accuracy from the very Gaza that we chose to give away for peace? My government has always had a problem differentiating war from racism. When Arabs murder Jews, that is called war.   When Jews kill Arab murderers, that is called “racism”.   War is never a pleasant thing. It is a terrible thing. It is a ghastly thing.   But, sometimes, it is a necessary thing. There is no such thing as a clean war. It is impossible to wage war without civilian casualties. Yet the Israeli government has attempted the impossible at the cost of the lives of her own citizens!

This is not morality.   It is immorality and criminal irresponsibility. Rather than engage in the lunacy of “humanitarian” acts in Gaza, any normal army would completely raze Gaza and leave nothing standing.


There is a war going on whose goal is to destroy the Jewish State. It is the obligation of the Jewish State to win that war decisively and as quickly as possible. The army should give a twenty-four hour notice to all occupants of Gaza to leave immediately prior to a complete carpet bombing which will follow.   Let’s see how humanitarian their fellow Arab nations are to save the very lives of fellow Arabs.


In a war you cannot afford to be “nice”.   You simply do what needs to be done to protect your country. Anything less than that is treason, pure and simple.

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